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Three new wines and updates for 2021

It's been about a year since our last update and lots has happened, though most of it recently.

First off, we bottled our 2019 reds. We have 75 cases of Malbec, and 57 of Graciano and Teroldego. All are from the Lodi Rules Certified grapes. They'll need a few months to recover from bottle shock, so more about these soon.

For all of us, 2020 was a challenge. We were closed for over 7 months last year. During this time, William delivered our wines all over Northern California, and we had people drive up for pick ups. But in the last month or so, William and I got both of our Pfizer vaccines. The Lodi wine industry is starting to wake up - we had a scaled-down Lodi Wine & Chocolate Weekend two weeks ago, where all guests had to make reservations when they purchased their tickets. For reference, I only went through three loaves of break making chocolate ganache sandwiches, compared to ten the year prior. And we got more medals! At this year's San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, we entered some of our 2017 reds (the others were already sold out). Our first gold was the Sangiovese, and silvers for Tempranillo and Montepulciano.

We didn't make any wine last year - this was not so common in Lodi but was seen up and down the West Coast. The fires last year resulted in a thick surface smoke layer that tainted some grapes, and I didn't even want to open up the roll up door and let the smoke in. I do look forward to this year's harvest and have started securing grapes.

It looks like things will continue to open up on June 15, and that will be great because we are conducting wine tastings outside in front of the tasting room. It's been a cool, and pretty windy spring and the weather has cooperated every weekend since we've been allowed to reopen with modifications. So we look forward to seeing everyone at our tasting room soon! We continue to rotate our tasting lists, and I'm really happy with the 2018 wines.

New bottlings - 2019 Graciano, Malbec, and Teroldego


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