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All the grapes of the 2019 vintage are in!

We brought our last grapes of the 2019 vintage in today. I don't consider harvest over until everything is pressed, but as of today, they are all crushed. Today we crushed Teroldego, and like all the other red grapes this vintage, are Lodi appellation and Certified Green.

Now that all the grapes are in, and I've had the juice sampled and analyzed, I can start to draw some early conclusions - it's another slightly late harvest, sugars are down, pH is low but titrateable acidity is down also.

I'm always excited to make wines from the best vineyards I can find in Lodi, and working with forward-thinking viticulturists. Please enjoy pictures I took this morning of the Teroldego grapes below.

As a bit of an update, the 2017s are emerging from bottle shock - some are more ahead of others. The 2018s in barrel are doing their post-blending sleep.

Come by to see what's up! We are fermenting this Teroldego so see a punch down.


Teroldego grapes

Ready to crush

Ready to load the bins

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