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Big harvest day

We are the newest winery in Lodi and probably the smallest so when we crush 2 tons in a day it's a big day for us! Today we crushed one ton of Tempranillo from Silva Vineyards, a half ton of Teroldego and a half ton of Peloursin from Ripken Vineyards.

It's well into October now and all three grapes came in around 24.5 Brix. This has been a very unusual harvest with the unseasonably cool last four weeks. It will be new to me to see how the flavors of wines made from Lodi red grapes in October develop. I do like receiving cool grapes as that allows me a day or two of cold soak before I pitch yeast, which extends maceration time.

Please enjoy the pictures of today's winegrape pickup and crushing activities!


We are done and enjoying some 2015 wines.

Thanks Mike!  You were a huge help!

Ron Silva with his Tempranillo grapes on our trailer

Our Tempranillo bins ready to be picked up at Ron Silva's vineyard.

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