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Harvest update

Greetings from Lodi! Thought I'd give an update now that we've done some winemaking. Harvest started for us in early September with one last heat wave but since then the temperature has alternated between being seasonal to below average. For the grape varieties that are mid to late-season, some of these have barely ripened sugar-wise for the last month! We get sugar updates on the Tempranillo we'll be bringing in and it's been stuck at 22 Brix. But that's ok - it's turned out with the cool weather, we've been able to crush, ferment, and press one lot before the next one comes and that gives us lots of time (and space) to focus on one thing at a time.

We pressed our first lot, Sangiovese, last Monday then Montepulciano was crushed the next day. We may be pressing Montepulciano this Tuesday then crushing Graciano Wednesday.

October harvests are unusual and it's looking like we'll be at mid-October for the Tempranillo. I'll give another update in a week or two.

Lastly I'd like to sincerely thank Rusty for helping us crush. You've been a big help!


Freshly crushed Montepulciano
The crusher we are using

Montepulciano grapes

The press we are using

Filling barrels after pressing the wine

Pressing Sangiovese

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