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Wine club, new releases, and 2017 harvest

We have some exciting news! Things are coming along at the fledgling Drava Wines.

First we are working on starting our wine club. We've had lots of people sign our guest book and soon we'll send out an email to you all. If you haven't signed our guest book but are interested in receiving information on the wine club please drop us an email at or come by the tasting room.

The next news is we will soon be releasing our 2015 reds - Mourvedre, Grenache, and our Maribor reserve. Every year the Maribor reserve will be a different blend and this year it's a GSM. They weren't filtered so the bottle shock wasn't very pronounced. We'll have tasting notes on them soon.

Lastly we are very excited to be making wine at our own winery for the first time this year! We've been making wine at other wineries which is a challenge but this time we can keep an eye on them constantly. All of our 2017 winegrapes will again be from the Lodi appellation and be made from Certified Sustainable winegrapes. For more info about the Lodi Rules Certified Sustainable winegrape program, please follow this link:

It's even on Wikipedia and everything on Wikipedia is always 100% true!

This year's theme will be Italian wines - we will be making Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Graciano and Teroldego wines. We'll also be making Tempranillo - we look forward to being part of National Tempranillo day in November (in a few years when it's bottled). We'll have more info about these grapes as we harvest the as well as have a few things to say about the growers who will bring us their outstanding Certified Sustainable winegrapes.

So that's it for now but stay tuned - harvest will be in about 6 weeks and the 2015 reds will be coming out soon!

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