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A bit about me

We don't have a section about the owners so I'll make a blog post about myself.

I've lived in Lodi for around 17 years but grew up in suburban Denver. I first attended Colorado State University majoring in Agronomy before transferring to University of California Davis after my dad mentioned how much more fun it would be to be a viticulturist than the less interesting agriculture Colorado could offer.

I graduated from UCDavis in 1996 with a degree in Fermentation Science (they've since renamed the major Viticulture & Enology). My first internship was at R.H. Phillips outside Woodland and my job was to tear through the Dunnigan Foothills on a quad taking grape samples for the first half of the day and running juice chemistry on them in the second half to help the winemaker decide on a harvest date. It was a great internship and I realized I was hooked for life.

I've worked at many other wineries including some in the Lodi area. I've been fortunate enough to go after my dream and start my own winery here. I'm not sure I realized how different it would be between being a winemaker employee to a small businessperson/owner/winemaker.

In addition to this I have a full time job commuting to Vacaville as a pharmaceutical scientist in the biotech industry.

My interests are Sacramento craft breweries and the Denver Broncos, SF Giants and obscure music and helping out animals that need some help. I also enjoy watching HBO on Sundays.

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